In SterneMedia we are experts in the development of complex applications, where software and data are critical part of the ecosystem of the companies.

It is worth mentioning that for the development of business applications as needed from a work environment that benefits our services to provide a logical structure that can incorporate different software components. this structure is independent of the technology, but vital for effective solutions. SterneMedia begins a logical structure with reference to the treatment on the development of new software. SterneMedia provides consultancy services on technology, software development and training. Unlike many companies Technological Innovations, SterneMedia chose technological expertise, knowledge and experience in certain technologies which resulted in this niche market for our professional services are requested.

Our company

SterneMedia started to develop since 2005 on research and product development of software for different types of businesses but there is constituted as a company since May 2007.Sternemedia out among other companies because they do not have a predetermined, usually on the needs of our approach customers.

Without actually able to identify the specific problems of each company, SterneMedia strategy is based on the excellence of a small but select, group of technologies, accompanied by a deep anilisis applications that would give real benefit to the company.

Desarrollo de un complejo sistema de alarmas para proteccion y control a traves de una comunicacion GPRS o SMS  basado en un software que captura señales remotas e identifica el significado de dicha señal para luego mostrarse al usuario en una plataforma de facil entendimiento, aparte de esto el software mantiene esta informacion en una base de datos para luego poder obtener estadisticas que permitan a los analistas sacar todas las conclusiones necesarias y hacer las correcciones del caso para lograr un mejor servicio.

Ofrece Rastreo Satelital en Vivo de Activos moviles tales como Vehiculos, Contenedores, Camiones, 0 incluso personas. Haciendo uso de la Tecnologia Satelital y de la Cobertura Celular con Roaming automatico es posible que cualquier persona con una conexion a Internet pueda observar sobre un mapa real y detallado desde su computadora el comportamiento de sus activos moviles a cada instante incluyendo la capacidad de generar historicos. El manejo seguro de la informacion es una de las prioridades de la empresa por eso la transmision y el almacenamiento de los datos es un tema vital que se Ileva a cabo en una granja de servidores.

Las aplicaciones de la tecnologia de rastreo GPS son ilimitadas. Rastree su carro, camiones, contenedores, uno a la vez o todos al mismo tiempo. Simplemente ponga la unidad en el equipo que desee rastrear y vaya a su aplicacion Web personalizada. Es asi de simple. Nuestros equipos puede ser instalado adentro de un vehiculo en cualquier lugar, en el entrecierro de un contenedor o debajo de la fibra de vidrio. Todo en muy poco tiempo y con un minimo esfuerzo!


Software Development

Design and implementation of customized programs.
Administration and management of Oracle, MySQL, the database SQL Server.
The management of Linux servers, Windows 2003 services, 2008 Server
Data management and information in PHP (laravel services, CodeIgniter) and Flex.
Management Reports on cold fusion.
Handling Java, C ++, Visual Basic, .NET, Perl, ASP
Design and implementation of value added services, content providersservices, USSD.
Design and implementation of Data Center.
The software control activities and management reporting services, specially designed for the fieldwork.
Design and implementation of mobile multimedia applications.
Design and implementation of solutions for Asterisk Call Center.
Design and development of platforms and tools for management, monitoring and NOC services, api development of native mobile applications and rest (Xcode and Android).

NOC o Dispatch center

The noc help and support the onfield teams, monitor time arrival of the vehicles to site
the notify if the vehicle is at high speed and when they exceed the speedlimit.
their job is notify and create tickets about any abnormal activity they notice

our NOC team of technicians works 24 / 7.


Design, construction and maintenance of primary circuits.
Installation of transformers.
Installation, repair, Generators changes and transfers and transfers.
Design, upgrading, reconditioning and implementation of electrical installation,

connections, circuits for buildings, homes, telecommunication sites.
Design, improvement and installation of ground systems, protectors and lightning transients

for buildings and telecommunication sites.
Electromechanical works and maintenance of power.
Design and implementation of solar, wind and hybrid systems.
Preventive and corrective services to industrial machinery and equipment electromechanical

Analysis and correction of power systems.
Electromechanical and metal structures in general assemblies.
Procedures for legalizing primary circuits, electrical measurement and approval of


Security and Control

Design and installation of perimeter fences energized. We supply and install security

cameras GPRS, IP We supply and install GPS tracking vehicle Alarm system and video

surveillance. Monitoring systems of vehicle fleets. Security and monitoring systems of

buildings, telecommunication sites, Data Center, generators. Implementing flowchart alarm

escalation, NOC implementing security monitoring, coordination reaction. On Line

implementing systems via the Internet with early warning of intrusion.


Planning and design of telecommunication projects, budgeting, scheduling, critical path.
Propagation studies, frequency plan, line of sight, statistical analysis.
Installation, repair and maintenance of heating systems, feeders, antennas, TMA,

connectors, Grundig kit, hanger kit, graphs Site Master.
RF optimization of cell sites, including changes or retrofit installation of radiant

systems, data analysis and implementation of solutions.
Running Test Drive projects, routes quality benchmarking.
Outsourcing service operation and maintenance, Project Manager, Network Optimization,

Technical Support.
Installation, relocation, alignment and maintenance of microwave links, PDH, SDH.
Installation, commissioning and preventive and corrective maintenance of GSM radio base 2G,

3G, LTE, CDMA. (Including repeaters)
Provide, install, maintain battery banks for base stations, fiber nodes, HFC nodes.
Readjustment of telecommunications sites, exchange of equipment, base stations increases.
Running Site Survey, for installations of telecommunications equipment and fitness for

growth sites.
Installation and maintenance of optical fiber networks.
Installation and maintenance of HFC networks.
Full maintenance of sites cellular network equipment (including infrastructure and network)
Installation, commissioning and maintenance of satellite stations.
Maintenance of backup power systems, rectifiers battery banks, generators and UPS.
Installation and maintenance of air conditioning, remote monitoring of temperature and

Supply, install and give maintenance and self-supporting towers retained

telecommunications. (We include painting accessories, screws and pieces)
Supply, install and maintain outdoor cabinets, power or network equipment.
Installing seismic, false floor.
Installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.
Management and operation of networks, by outsourcing the maintenance area, NOC, Call

Center, providing training and human resource consulting and advisory services.
It has trained and certified with their respective vehicle, tools, Laptop and measurement

equipment, network staff to work.

Call Center

Our call center specializing in technical support and troubleshooting all kinds of services

in both English and Spanish.

Civil services

Topographical Design, construction and maintenance of roads. Opening access roads (dirt)

Construction of buildings, cell sites, towers foundations Repair and maintenance of

infrastructure works, such as walls, slabs and access. Procedures for building permits,

municipal permits. Search, purchase and hiring of cell sites and land easement permitting

process, cancellation of contracts, renegotiation clauses.


Offers Live Satellite Tracking of Mobile Assets such as vehicles, containers, trucks, including people. Using satellite technology and the automatic roaming with Cellular coverage is possible that anyone with an Internet connection can watch from their computer on a real map and detailed the behavior of their movable assets at any time including the ability to generate historic data. Handling safe information is one of the priorities of the company, that is why the transmission and storage of data is carried through a farm of servers.



The customer service department is available from 8:00 to 5:30 through our contact phone

number in usa (616) 432-9204, in Honduras +(504)2239-0053, +(504)31928623. You can also

send you're queries to our mail info@sternemedia.com, provided services are support in the

use of the Software, management and reporting of anomalies and monitoring of its units. All

products have 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and are changed immediately

when an anomaly is reported. The customer should not expect the repair of the same as it is

replaced at no cost at the time.


For technical enquiries you can write to support@sternemedia.com,
noc@sternemedia.com, a technical expertise will answer you're questions.
SterneMedia is not responsible for damage to the equipment nor the
contractor will have obligations with the misuse of computer, theft,
accident, inappropriate operation or repairs that are not made by
unauthorized personnel. The installation of extra electronic equipment
must be consulted as to avoid damage to the electrical unit.
SterneMedia assumes no liability for stolen vehicle or property
being transported in, either in whole or in part.

Thank You!